Evolution comes from the good ground or the survival of the fittest?

Charles Darwin didn’t hide his view that his evolutionary thinking applied to human races as well as to animal species. The full title of his seminal book in 1859 was On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. He followed this up more explicitly in his later book The Descent of Man by spelling out his racial theory:

“The western nations of Europe … now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors that they stand at the summit of civilisation … The civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the black savage races throughout the world.” Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a very poor biologist that made biology fit his evolutionary theory the Survival of the fittest, the white races being the fittest. Darwin went to the Galapagos Islands and failed to notice the Humboldt Current upon which all life in the Galapagos depends. All his theories are wrong, life does not naturally select nor is there any survival of the fittest.

“All life evolves or devolves according its food source and its food source is mainly water. This is true not only for planet earth but also the entire universe every life form is an individual made so by their DNA, Gods Bible. All life is the result of mathematics and mathematics created and uses chance to create everything.” Peter Baxter and Jesus Christ.  Jesus went on to say if we are to survive we must learn to love everything but Darwin came up with Eugenics.

Charles Darwin can be said to be the father of Atheism, Communism, Fascism, Eugenics, and today most UK Politicians most UK Scientists and most UK Teachers still teach Darwin’s pseudo science of racism or social Darwinism.

Charles Darwin married his first cousin to get power?

The Christmas Story according to the BBC and their friends is Jesus became a Social Darwinist whatever happened to the child that brought us love and the truth?

The BBC have just crucified him again or should I say gassed him in one of Darwin’s ovens.

I wish to offer you a simple choice do you believe that evolution comes from the good ground or the survival of the fittest?

Please remember planet earth is the good ground for life because of the four seasons change those seasons and almost everything goes extinct.

We have been placed on this good ground planet earth to garden it with love it is about time we all got started.


Your Body is A Tree of Love

Your Body is A Tree of Love


They built a cross with hate and despair

And hung a young innocent body there.

In their anger it did grow, bearing fruit they didn’t know


They watered  it with their fears

Night and morning with fresh tears

They sunned it with their evil smiles

And their soft deceitful wiles.


The cross it grew both day and night

Till it bore fruit to their delight

And the wicked did begin to dine

All declared it tasted just  like wine


Its fruit they all wanted more

And scratched around on the floor

It acted upon them like a drug

The name of the fruit they called

it Love.


Peter Baxter

We are all Slaves

We are all Slaves

We are all slaves of our beliefs bound with chains of forgotten times,

muttering to God meaningless Holy lines.

Within our Souls are Gods own books a library of everything we need,

It’s time for us all to stop and have a read,

These holy relics from the past tell of slaves in every land,

It is Gods will that you’re a slave and you must understand,

As we grew we changed the names but the outcome was the same,

Class, Caste, Servants, Workers, everybody tamed,

Even today though we all believe we are different now,

We still just bend the knee to a Holy Cow,

The atheists reject it all thinking that this will set them free,

But their road is pebble lined and leads to anarchy,

The road to heaven, easy for you to find down the path called proved truth

But your beliefs will make you Blind.

Within our Souls are Gods own books a library of everything we need,

It’s time to stop and everybody read.

What does the library tell us all hidden in our DNA

We are individuals and we need to live and love that way.

Power this world with your love

Power this world with your love and admit not impediments

Love is not love that alters with the winds of time

It is the compass that leads us to heaven’s door

It shuns all, beliefs, facts, opinions, and the rage of men

Knowing that it is above all and way beyond all these trifles

No, love is the act of giving and never seeking a reward

It is the kiss that awakens the sleeping princess from her slumber

Imposed by a wicked world who would rob her of the joy of life

Have you a kiss to give to her because she needs your kiss?

I hear her lonely cries and without your kiss she must surely die

Power this world with your love and let it turn in space

And fill the stars with its love beams a beacon to the entire universe

That here love is king and ruler of everything our dear Planet Earth.