Racism on the BBC

Strictly come dancing proves Britain is still racist and ageist. Social Darwinism is still being practised by the BBC

Please give my love to Natalie Gumede you were the black winner of strictly come dancing  and I know more about dance bands than all the Judges and the Producers on the BBC put together. I used to work as Peter fats Baxter bandleader of the Savoy Hotel London
Georges Bizet – Carmen – March of the Toreador was used by Susanna Reid who marched around waving her skirt to what was supposed to be a  Paso Doble, or pasodoble, (literal meaning in Spanish:double-step) is a traditional couple’s dance from Spain. It is danced to the type of music typically played in the arena during the bullfighters’ entrance to the ring (paseo) or during the passes (faena) just before the kill. It corresponds to the Paso doble dance in traditional and spanish dancing

Susanna Reid BBC presenter and white  it was fixed that she should win with her Mumsy marching. This proves conclusively that the whole programme was a sham.Susanna walked about to the March of the Toreadors and won the paso doble section of strictly come dancing. The whole panel should be made to face real bulls for their lies about the Pasodoble and the rest of the cast they are not only a disgrace to dancing they are also a disgrace to the truth.

This is a good example of social darwinism being practised by the BBC because the whites must win because Darwin said so.
Not since Nazi germany has social darwinism been so practised It disgusted me.

My Christmas number one that needs no lies.

This was Christmas No One last christmas, going viral on Youtube then I received a note from them telling me I had stolen the recording and banning it? I wrote to Youtube telling them years ago  I was the band leader at the Savoy  and this was based on the fun dancing we used to do and I offered to send them my original score but at this moment I an still banned. Being used to the behavior of some music companies I forgot about it but my publisher audiosparx the worlds leading internet publisher manage to sell my recording to the worlds leading internet christmas card company. It is now going viral again but unfortunately these are not counted by the top twenty hits. I could have a situation where I have the worlds biggest selling Christmas Recording but credited by know one?The entire music business is one big sham.


Can I take this chance to wish everyone A very Happy Christmas Can Can apart from the social darwinists may they all be sent where they belong in prison

We are all Slaves

We are all Slaves

We are all slaves of our beliefs bound with chains of forgotten times,

muttering to God meaningless Holy lines.

Within our Souls are Gods own books a library of everything we need,

It’s time for us all to stop and have a read,

These holy relics from the past tell of slaves in every land,

It is Gods will that you’re a slave and you must understand,

As we grew we changed the names but the outcome was the same,

Class, Caste, Servants, Workers, everybody tamed,

Even today though we all believe we are different now,

We still just bend the knee to a Holy Cow,

The atheists reject it all thinking that this will set them free,

But their road is pebble lined and leads to anarchy,

The road to heaven, easy for you to find down the path called proved truth

But your beliefs will make you Blind.

Within our Souls are Gods own books a library of everything we need,

It’s time to stop and everybody read.

What does the library tell us all hidden in our DNA

We are individuals and we need to live and love that way.

The thirty pieces of silver of human rights

The thirty pieces of silver of human rights    Peter Baxter


The thirty pieces of silver of human rights paid for by the crucifixions of so many,

Belonging to you and belonging to me exclusions well there just aren’t any.

We have the right to live and the right to liberty,

We have the right to legality not subject to slavery,

We have the right to be Innocent and a represented trial

We have the right keep our name when others seeks to defame

We have the right to travel, without the shackles of possessions

We have the right to purchases without leasing or restrictions

We have the right to an education provided free for everyone,

We have the right to express our views and vote in our elections

We have a right to meet peaceably but respecting others dignities

We have the same rights you and me, throughout all humanities

We have the rights not to suffer, in illness, or inquest, or age,

We have the rights to our family and to provide a living wage,

We have the rights to our beliefs and our right to pray,

We share this right with everyone whatever they choose to say.

These thirty pieces of silver paid for, for you and me, offers everyone,

Real hope, life, and above all liberty.

Peter Shakespeare Baxter

No one can take these rights from you any one who does is a dictator