Evolution comes from the good ground or the survival of the fittest?

Charles Darwin didn’t hide his view that his evolutionary thinking applied to human races as well as to animal species. The full title of his seminal book in 1859 was On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. He followed this up more explicitly in his later book The Descent of Man by spelling out his racial theory:

“The western nations of Europe … now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors that they stand at the summit of civilisation … The civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the black savage races throughout the world.” Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a very poor biologist that made biology fit his evolutionary theory the Survival of the fittest, the white races being the fittest. Darwin went to the Galapagos Islands and failed to notice the Humboldt Current upon which all life in the Galapagos depends. All his theories are wrong, life does not naturally select nor is there any survival of the fittest.

“All life evolves or devolves according its food source and its food source is mainly water. This is true not only for planet earth but also the entire universe every life form is an individual made so by their DNA, Gods Bible. All life is the result of mathematics and mathematics created and uses chance to create everything.” Peter Baxter and Jesus Christ.  Jesus went on to say if we are to survive we must learn to love everything but Darwin came up with Eugenics.

Charles Darwin can be said to be the father of Atheism, Communism, Fascism, Eugenics, and today most UK Politicians most UK Scientists and most UK Teachers still teach Darwin’s pseudo science of racism or social Darwinism.

Charles Darwin married his first cousin to get power?

The Christmas Story according to the BBC and their friends is Jesus became a Social Darwinist whatever happened to the child that brought us love and the truth?

The BBC have just crucified him again or should I say gassed him in one of Darwin’s ovens.

I wish to offer you a simple choice do you believe that evolution comes from the good ground or the survival of the fittest?

Please remember planet earth is the good ground for life because of the four seasons change those seasons and almost everything goes extinct.

We have been placed on this good ground planet earth to garden it with love it is about time we all got started.


DNA is an ACT of God

I would like to share an amusing fact that occurred to me in my bath, no not that I had displaced water all over the bathroom floor which sometimes I do, nor did I shout out Eureka I have found it. What happened is that I realised that the letters of DNA spell ACT G which can be described as Act of God. I had better tell you what they are before you think I have gone mad.


In DNA there is Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine which are the basic components of the blueprint of life. These form a double helix which is a ladder in Humans.  23 chromosomes of the male blend with 23 chromosomes of the female.

It’s much too complicated to explain I suggest you have a look at a double helix on the web. They have believed in the double helix in philosophy since Egyptian times it was two snakes wound around a staff; Moses Prince of Egypt did a trick with his staff but that is a different story.


Amazing but contained within our DNA are a library of books and they are  in everyone’s cells?


To create that you need to be a genius mathematician because all the combined talents of every computer and scientist on earth couldn’t do it we just don’t know how?


The best is yet to come not only have we all got this library of books but all our libraries are different impossible. I agree with you it is impossible.


  To create that you need to be a genius mathematician because all the combined talents of every computer and scientist on earth couldn’t do it we just don’t know how?


How on earth can you take ACT G and make everyone on earth different that’s really is impossible can’t be done its all rubbish.


To create that you need to be a genius mathematician because all the combined talents of every computer and scientist on earth couldn’t do it we just don’t know how


The answer is you make all the lengths of Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine

different on the Double Helix ladder


To create that you need to be a genius mathematician because all the combined talents of every computer and scientist on earth couldn’t do it we just don’t know how


That is how we have this miracle of life you won’t find this in any Holy Book.

You will find it in your own DNA with a library of books for you to read if you learn how.


This is scientific prove that has been verified by doctors and scientist everywhere.


Human Life is an Act of God.

The Truth about Evolution


Al-Jahiz or Al- Jahidh 781 to 869  was a Black Muslim Scholar who wrote a book

On evolution called the book of the Animals he wrote.

 “Animals engage in a struggle for existence; for resources, to avoid being eaten and to breed. Environmental factors influence organisms to develop new characteristics to ensure survival, thus transforming into new species. Animals that survive to breed can pass on their successful characteristics to offspring.”

Every scholar on Biology knew off the Muslim School of Biology and many people have claimed that the Darwin Theory is just a rip off of his work but this is not true.

Darwin wrote that things evolved by natural selection and latter in his work used the phrase survival of the fittest.

If you look closely at Al-Jahiz claim he stresses environmental factors and Darwin does not.

What does Biology teach us today?

Over 99% of life is extinct no tree of life that Darwin called it just a tree of death.

Today just a few branches remain on that tree. Nothing is selected, no survival of the fittest. The ones who survive are the ones who can adapt best to new environments.

Today we are changing our environment and have no knowledge of what the consequence will be for man. We do know many other forms of life are going extinct has a consequence of these environmental changes.

Darwin in his latter book the descent of man proved he had no idea what species are and made claims based on colour that where idiotic unfortunately these claims are backed up by parts of the Bible and even today they are taught as being true.

No species are determined by colour and the white races will not dominate the world has Darwin claimed.

The facts show that Al-Jahiz a black man was right and Darwin a white man was wrong but this world is so racist no one can accept this truth. “The white man must be right.”  Darwin is what we teach children in schools throughout the world. Is there any wonder we have the world of hate. There is no selection not by God or Mother Nature or Anyone nothing is selected and nothing is the fittest.

The ones who can adapt best survive and it doesn’t matter what colour you are what religion you are and how much money you have or how fit you are. Our DNA as shown not only that we all came from Africa but that at points in our evolution we have been on the verge of extinction.

The only thing that saved the human race was a week jawed ape that had to leave to survive because it was the weakest not the strongest and these apes learned how to communicate and adapt to environments all over the world.

They are your ancestors if you don’t believe me try fighting a Chimp or Baboon and you will find who is the strongest and the fittest. 

We adapt by using our brains and if necessary running away.

He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day can be easily changed to he who adapts and runs away survives. Many believe God created the world including me and we have to accept the truth no matter how many Holy Books and people say other wise.

God’s Holy Books are written in your DNA learn to read and understand them.

Truthful alternative to the Darwin theory. By Peter Baxter

          Truthful alternative to the Darwin theory.  By Peter Baxter

I have built a computer that allows me to watch inside cells in glorious 3D. This may be the only computer in the world that can do this and it has allowed me to understand the truth about life and evolution.

I have witnessed the the evil viruses attacking the good cells and getting entry into the nucleus of the cells and replacing the DNA of the live cells with their own deadly DNA and then infecting the other cells. I have witnessed the altruistic white blood cells save the day by destroying these evil viruses and the infected good cells.

DNA is Co-evolution between cells and viruses. I should point out that viruses are not strictly alive but only live by using the DNA in cells. So in reality dead viruses only exist because they feed on live cells.

This Co-evolution is the driving force of all evolution. In life without its existence no life could evolve. This rewrites all the books on evolution because people have believed that Co-evolution only played a small part in evolution whereas it is the major player. This can also be looked at as good, life, and bad, viruses, both needing each other to survive? However a certain amount of altruism is needed by both to survive this altruism is our white blood cells which help destroy the bad or evil viruses.

Co-evolving life without altruism will become extinct and over 99% of all life is extinct.

To summarize my thoughts Good, Evil and Altruism are the proven ingredients of all life and are the driving force behind all evolution.

Intelligence is learning to understand the importance of altruism and a key quality in becoming an intelligent human being.

This is what most religions express now, which is now supported by science. It is how we overcome evil that makes us better people. We must destroy evil with altruism.

I am a witness to this truth thanks to being able to see this happening in 3D myself.

God is Love and Altruism.

Remove Love and Altruism what have you left?

Darwin’s Theory  and this world