Ask not what you can take but what you can give Mr Politician.

Today I spoke to my investment adviser at JP Morgan who was not at all impressed with the government’s handling of the sale of Royal Mail.

JP Morgan told the British Government earlier this year that it believed Royal Mail could be worth up to £10bn, including its debts, ahead of the postal operator’s privatisation.

The Government sold shares in Royal Mail for 330p each earlier this month, valuing the company’s equity at £3.3bn.

The current price of the sale is nearer to the JP Morgan estimate who also told me that it is possible that one of the global players may take over the company in the future.

This is an example of this coalition government business expertise that to me is a 6 billion loss.

This is very important because the only way out of this debt crisis is to finance growth products that investors will fund like the sale of the BBC,  but this government will sell it to their friends and sod the licence fee payers who actually own it.

We have many good investment opportunities that could be launched to the world’s stock markets but we would be better off getting rid of all the politicians first and getting top companies like JP Morgan to help sell off the family silver don’t forget we own banks too.

If we did this professionally we could pay off our debts and have an injection of the world’s capital creating many jobs but I think this will be far too complicated for our stupid politicians to understand.

Most of the money given in Aid to countries winds up in the pockets of their friends more corrupt politicians, we should only give goods in Aid. A good example is the excellent British mosquito net which can wipe out malaria in the world but they give money instead that is spent on junk mosquito nets from somewhere else?

We could also sell factory made eco friendly homes worldwide and also use them for our homeless.

We could provide all the money we need without having to cut vital services. Cutting vital services is stupid a stitch in time saves nine.

The government is failing to maintain vital services which will cost the poor billions in the future because they will have to pay the bill for these public school yuppies management skills.

We need a democracy that gets professional managers with a proven track record of success not these clowns who are in for what they can get.

Ask not what you can take but what you can give Mr Politician.

 This coalition split 6 billion pounds amongst their friends whilst cutting essential services like NHS giving the UK the worse doctor to patient ratio in Europe. Fact.



The Merchants of Menace

                                       The Merchants of Menace

The quality of mercy is not strained.
It drops as the gentle rain from heaven
upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesses him that gives and him that takes.
The mightiest within the mightiest; it becomes
the banker better than his yacht, houses and credit cards.       

 Or his interceptor that shows the full force of his financial power,
the attribute to win awe and respect,
wherein doth sit the want and fears of presidents.
But mercy is above, all the interest paid;
it is enthroned in the hearts of rulers;
it is an attribute of God himself;
and earthly power doth then show like God’s
when mercy seasons payments made

Today the bankers got their pound of flesh,
taken without a drop of their debtors blood,
by trickery and stealth they sold the bond anew,
Conditioning that only bankers would on forfeit be paid,
Today their massive bonuses just keep on rolling in
thanks to discarding rules that friendly politicians gave       

 The few over the many have once again prevailed, 

taking food from mouths of babes never leaving just a scrap,
So the world does bleed and people to riot make,
Named and shamed by the media all clapping all in glee,
whilst the financiers continue in their golden silent anonymity
Their selfish genes now in confidence grow;
Sneering at the masses all suffering down below,
but altruistic genes will in their off springs grow.


How to solve our Worlds Economic woes.

         How to solve our Worlds Economic woes.



The problem with all our world economic problems was caused by the collapse of the housing market brought on by corrupt banks swindling their customers.

This can never be solved by governments pouring Taxes to prop up these Banks.


What we need is a stimulus to the worlds housing markets and I would do this in two ways.

First give tax incentives to builders and make land available from government land for redevelopment.


Secondly; we need mortgages which guarantee the buyer that in the event of a collapse in his house price, the difference will be paid upon sale of that property to the buyer. A new type of insurance protected mortgage also more availability of unemployment/sick protected mortgages.

These can be government protected like the Banks are government protected and I would make these mortgages freely available throughout all the banks and building society’s.


Any costs involved could be paid for by selling off all social housing and put everyone on social housing onto this scheme.


This scheme will within five years have the economies of the entire world growing again.

It will also bring confidence back to the financial markets immediately.


It is possible to build eco friendly houses for around 50,000.  if government land is freed up for this,  we can look forward to prosperity for everyone as property prices inflate.

Also with New eco friendly homes and societies we can insist that everyone who is on the scheme lives to agree behavioural standards. 

Obviously people who don’t want this can do their own thing.


Peter Baxter

Name & Shame

Rob a bank and you get 10 years The Bank robs you and they get a seven figure pension.

Factors that contribute to rioting are population size, the breakdown of respect for social order, poverty, the lack of opportunities for personal advancement and Debt.

Today the people that led the world into debt by their corrupt practises within the Banking, Insurance, and Financial sector have been reappointed by President Obama to head his financial team. No one has been brought to justice for the debt all the world is now paying and rioting about.

All the banks had AAA status just before they collapsed from Standard and Poor the same people who have just downgraded USA economy?

University Professors who advised the governments were working without declaring their paid interest for these corrupt banks etc. just before the crash.

If you check the facts you will find a transfer of wealth from the poorest to the top one percent and these crooks are still running all our economies.
This was achieved by getting companies like standard and poor to give false assessments of bad debt which was then sold to our pension funds.
Whilst ever these crooks go unpunished and are rewarded by huge golden handshakes riots will get worse.

We all have a remedy it is your vote and a free press. Make sure you give it wisely and all the politicians who supported crooked bankers, insurance companies, are swept from power. The press should name and shame them.

What is worse than to become a nappy bound old slave?

 What is worse than to become a nappy bound old debt slave?



The increased life expectancy of citizens is causing a real problem for everyone in the world. Since I was born, it has risen from about 60 years to about 80 years. This is fantastic news for everyone. But, the public-sector workers are saying “hands off our pensions.”

These are not your pensions; they’re taxpayers’ pensions, because we pay for them.Yes, that’s right: We pay for your pensions, if you don’t like that, then get a private pension and leave the taxpayer alone.

There is no pot of gold for public sector pensions, just a pit of debt that taxpayers, many living below poverty level, are paying off with their indirect taxes. The bigger the pit of debt the more taxes we all pay.

All life ends in tragedy for the nappy awaits everyone in old age and the only real safe guard is the love of your off spring the love of the state is communistic foolery.

We must all consider the nine ages of humanity and provide for ourselves this is best done by getting rid of the pit of debt that we hang around the necks of everyone. One of the first presidents of USA said to the banks,

“We will never become debt slaves. For debt makes slaves of us all.”

What is worse than to become a nappy bound old debt slave?

Peter Baxter