Inbreeding Is Universal

Less variety in your DNA can increase your chances for getting rare genetic diseases. You may have heard of some of these diseases: albinism, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia and so on.

Less variety in your DNA can also make you unhealthy in another way – it can weaken your immune system so you can’t fight off diseases as well.  You can end up a very sickly person!

Now of course inbreeding doesn’t mean you will definitely get a genetic disease or wind up sickly.  You are just more likely to have health problems.  And the more inbreeding, the greater the risk.

Many communities are inbred Charles Darwin came from a inbred family and had inbred children he believed that he was superior to commoners and set the example that many people follow. Ask any doctor if inbreeding is a good idea?

It is still being practised worldwide and many religions insist on people marrying within their religions. told me that we have a world problem.

The United Nations says everyone has the right to chose their own partner?




Moonbeams dance

Moonbeams dance

Can I request a favour a local doctor as asked me to think about writing a poem about our DNA apparently they can spot cancer by doing a survey Well I think you would do a better job than me. When I get the chance I might read up on the colour code of DNA I wounder if there a colour for a perfect partner. Best Wishes Peter

Darwin and Inbreeding

With the Plastic Extinction upon us The BBC are still praying to Darwin their God


rubiks-cubeCharles Darwin cheated everyone but could not cheat his DNA.

Many of Charles Darwin’s ten children died in childhood because of their inbreeding.

A study of the scientist’s family tree reveals inbreeding was to blame, with frequent cousin to cousin marriages lowering immunity to disease and raising the odds of infertility. Any biologist would have known this from the decline of the Royal Families of Europe from inbreeding

Even the current British royal family as suffered the consequences and are looking for fresh blood let’s hope Prince Charles and Prince Harry can bring it.

Darwin’s mother, Susannah, was the daughter of third cousins, one of which was Josiah Wedgwood, the founder of the pottery dynasty of the same name.

Darwin’s wife, Emma Wedgwood, was his first cousin, while the Wedgwood family tree contained several other marriages between cousins.

He believed in the survival of the fittest and that these families…

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Extinction is the name of the game

Ever since life appeared on our planet it has kept going extinct for a variety of reasons but today we have found something new its called Plastic Extinction.

99% of life as gone extinct and we are heading that way right now.

It can be cured and but it will take a new race to solve the problems and make our planet habitable again. A race that cares.

What caused this problem selfishness and greed.

The Fracking Poem

There’s more in fracked water than just H2O

Like toxic chemicals that make the fracking fluid flow

with secret names like benzene and formaldehyde

Fracking fluid kills everything washed by its tide.

Radon Gas Kills 30,000 per year

Frackers celebrate and drink a beer

They kill their own children when they frack

but gets loads of money in their gassy sack

Then the uranium that naturally occurs

With its Radon daughters has the last word

It deforms the DNA of all that’s around

And it’s spread by the greedy into the ground

These poisonous gases are underground

Coal miners were slaughtered when they were around

No cure exists for their wasting disease

It will kill everything with consummate ease

They plan to pour radioactive fuel down

Saying it’s safe for it to be in the ground

They have stolen your rights under your home

Turning you into just a garden gnome

We don’t need this fuel it’s expensive too

We have clean energy that we can renew

The earth left alone is perfectly clean

They have turned it into the devil’s dream.

Quantum Faster than speed of light

Spooky Action Is Real: Bizarre Quantum Entanglement Confirmed in New Tests
 Einstein was wrong but it looks like we can travel faster than the speed of light.

Two recent studies have confirmed that the “spooky action at a distance” that so upset Albert Einstein — the notion that two entangled particles separated by long distances can instantly affect each other — has been proven to work in a stunning array of different experimental setups.

One experiment closed two of the three loopholes in proofs of spooky action at a distance. Another found that quantum entanglement works over astonishingly large distances.

Most scientists today are teaching that the speed of light is a constant and will never accept the proof that it isn’t. 

I have questioned this idea for years because it doesn’t make sense.

Whoever created the universe can communicate instantly some Buddhists and others have claimed this before science became a profession.

Will the scientists at the Universities ever accept the truth?