All war is a disease that eats our souls and becomes a contagion  Pyrrhic 


Our Creator who is in our DNA hallowed be your name,

Your will be done everywhere in the universe

Let us be fruitful and multiply to the benefit of everyone

Let us fill the world with love and peace,

Sharing the rights of the United Nations with everyone

We will not pollute the universe and respect all life forms


Our Creator you created the joys of peace and love

Whose knowledge is our past and future written in our DNA

Defend all your servants of peace and love wherever they are

Teach everyone to love others and breed beneficial life

Stop hate and war so your followers can walk in your light.



Are We at War

US Ambassador Nikki Haley welcomed the findings and said the Security Council must send a ‘clear message’ that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

‘Ignoring the overwhelming amount of evidence in this case shows a purposeful disregard for widely agreed international norms,’ Haley said in a statement.

‘The Security Council must send a clear message that the use of chemical weapons by anyone will not be tolerated, and must fully support the work of the impartial investigators.’

Countries that fail to do so are no better than the dictators or terrorists who use these terrible weapons,’ she added.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the report had reached a ‘clear conclusion’ and urged the ‘international community to unite to hold Assad’s regime accountable.’

‘I call on Russia to stop covering up for its abhorrent ally and keep its own commitment to ensure that chemical weapons are never used again,’ he said.

After the panel found that Syrian forces had launched chlorine attacks on opposition villages in 2014 and 2015, the United States, Britain and France pushed for sanctions, but Russia and China vetoed that resolution.

UK Paramedics are trained to deal with these attacks and have the antidotes Is Britain under attack?

My computer as been shut down by google why?

My computer is now working and Britain is now in a cold war with Russia the problem is that all nations will be looking to strengthen their defences. At a time when people where going to spend less on defence now everyone will spend more. Is that what Russia wanted They tell me Russia is nearly bankrupt because of its arms spending   

Breeding with Love

Who created this world with the energy that can make things anew?

Who took the heat from the big bang and cooled it making suns with their sons?

Who when their long Journey is over and they have cooled to 273.15 will keep the robots alive?

What artist sublime makes the world divine with a pot of red green and blue?

What pours the sunshine like wine and makes the mornings all golden for you?

What spell brings the parents back to their nests feeding their infants until comforted they rest?

How do we evolve things that everyone needs and love everything with peace and goodwill?

By breeding with love and giving all our care to the DNA sent from heaven above.

Domesticated Evolution

When wolfs and humans bonded and two way evolution occurred leading to the  dog, followed by sheep and goats; pigs, cows, cats, horses and a menagerie of birds and other beasts made the evolutionary leap. Perhaps the main reason was humans mastering fire and farming crops. Over the past  humans have domesticated all manner of species for food, hunting, transport, materials, to control pests and to keep as pets. Before we domesticated any of them, we first had to domesticate ourselves which we did by farming.

 Only  this can explain some long-standing mysteries – including why our brains are weirdly smaller than those of our Stone Age ancestors –  it is the only way to make sense of certain quirks of human evolution. Our ancestors lived a healthier life than our farmers. 

Added to this is we could breed for the benefit of everyone and that is why many creatures followed humans because we where a food source. This is the real evolution even today humans are the source of food for many types of life.

Darwin’s survival of the fittest makes no sense only beneficial breeding works and understanding the rules of this created science we are still trying to understand these rules today. Covering the world in Plastic to make a few people rich is what the Darwinist’s  have achieved we need to get back to beneficial breeding to help everyone and this takes a lot of love and care.  

Robbing the poor

The BBC pays out huge salaries to executives and celebrities alike. Her bureaucracy grows exponentially. Her undemocratic licence fee has become an anachronism in the days of multi-channel satellite television.

‘If the BBC really does depend on the licence fee for its survival, then there must be some genuine checks and balances. What better way than democratising the licence fee?’

‘It would be similar to shareholders having the ability to hire and fire their board, but with one main difference-every licence fee payer would hold just one share and one vote.’

Today never has so much money been paid to employees for so little work whilst the public are forced to pay billions in licence fees. The true word it isn’t a licence fee it is a TAX  

Almost a hundred people are sent to prison every year for not paying this this I think is against their human rights 

The whole point of the licence fee is to protect the BBC’s political independence and impartiality by providing it with a source of funding that is outside the hands of governments and politicians. Thanks to this FoI response, we now learn that it has been going cap in hand to the EU for millions of pounds on the quiet over the last few years. Such outrageous flouting of the principles on which the BBC is based and funded will only promote cynicism about its political impartiality and lead to a loss of trust in the BBC’s independence. Information received on my article the BBC refuse to declare where they spent the EU money this undermines Brexit.