Growing An Angel Tree

Angel TreeGrowing an Angel Tree by Peter Baxter


Grow the tree in the good earth they said, is all you need to do,

But it takes much more than that to make an Angels tree come true

By watering every day, you can make the Angel tree grow.

But pure unpolluted water, fresh laid as arctic snow


Then it needs fertilizing with undiluted truth, got to feed the roots

Stopping the pests from infecting all the delicate angel shoots,

It also needs protecting from the wind and rain

Or your precious tree will never develop the Angels brain,


Trimming off the dead and dying leaves in the early spring

Warming it with the sun if fresh fruit it’s going to bring

It must breathe the fresh air and it needs its CO2

For its breathing out its oxygen is just for me and you


Growing an angel tree takes more than just fresh ground,

It needs love and care and to always be around,

When you have succeeded in growing your Angel tree,

The fruit of its love you can share with the likes of you and me.


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