The United Nations Universal Human Rights, for Toddlers.

The United Nations Universal Human Rights, for Toddlers.


Every country religion and all the media should support these rights .


Perhaps we should teach the children because it is obvious the adults don’t understand them.


Article one; you should love and help everyone,

Article two; even those who wear a different shoe,

Article three; we all have rights of liberty

Article four; no slaves or servants anymore

Article five; no degrading ways of staying alive

Article six; everyone’s the same with whom we mix

Article seven; equality is our legal heaven

Article eight; your rights are protected against others hate

Article nine; they can’t force you to do prison time

Article ten; fair trials before they jail you in the pen

Article eleven; innocent till proven guilty is just like seven

Article twelve; your reputation is displayed on your shelf

Article thirteen; free to come home from where you roam,

Article fourteen; asylums from a persecuting fiend

Article fifteen; your nationality is whatever you deem

Article sixteen; you choose your own spouse as your king or queen

Article seventeen; your land and property is your own stream

Article eighteen; your beliefs can change with your own dream

Article nineteen; your opinion will always be heard and seen

Article twenty; peaceful assemblies with friends a plenty

Article twenty one; vote and serve and walk your own prom

Article twenty two; share all the state benefits offered you

Article twenty three; for doing my job you can represent me

Article twenty four; leisure for pleasure when they can’t ask you more

Article twenty five; fair pay for all, in life’s busy bee hive

Article twenty six; equal educations for all are our building bricks

Article twenty seven; everyone has copyright to their creative heaven

Article twenty-eight; your government must put these rights on your plate

Article twenty-nine; you can hang out your own washing on this UN line

Article thirty; No one can remove your rights no matter how shirty

Article thirty-one; Fresh water and sanitation, till the bugs have all gone.


Don’t forget other creatures have rights and you should love them all too.


Mr. Peter Baxter 31 Springate Road, Southwick, Brighton, BN42 4LF


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