Ask not what you can take but what you can give Mr Politician.

Today I spoke to my investment adviser at JP Morgan who was not at all impressed with the government’s handling of the sale of Royal Mail.

JP Morgan told the British Government earlier this year that it believed Royal Mail could be worth up to £10bn, including its debts, ahead of the postal operator’s privatisation.

The Government sold shares in Royal Mail for 330p each earlier this month, valuing the company’s equity at £3.3bn.

The current price of the sale is nearer to the JP Morgan estimate who also told me that it is possible that one of the global players may take over the company in the future.

This is an example of this coalition government business expertise that to me is a 6 billion loss.

This is very important because the only way out of this debt crisis is to finance growth products that investors will fund like the sale of the BBC,  but this government will sell it to their friends and sod the licence fee payers who actually own it.

We have many good investment opportunities that could be launched to the world’s stock markets but we would be better off getting rid of all the politicians first and getting top companies like JP Morgan to help sell off the family silver don’t forget we own banks too.

If we did this professionally we could pay off our debts and have an injection of the world’s capital creating many jobs but I think this will be far too complicated for our stupid politicians to understand.

Most of the money given in Aid to countries winds up in the pockets of their friends more corrupt politicians, we should only give goods in Aid. A good example is the excellent British mosquito net which can wipe out malaria in the world but they give money instead that is spent on junk mosquito nets from somewhere else?

We could also sell factory made eco friendly homes worldwide and also use them for our homeless.

We could provide all the money we need without having to cut vital services. Cutting vital services is stupid a stitch in time saves nine.

The government is failing to maintain vital services which will cost the poor billions in the future because they will have to pay the bill for these public school yuppies management skills.

We need a democracy that gets professional managers with a proven track record of success not these clowns who are in for what they can get.

Ask not what you can take but what you can give Mr Politician.

 This coalition split 6 billion pounds amongst their friends whilst cutting essential services like NHS giving the UK the worse doctor to patient ratio in Europe. Fact.