Love your Planet

Love your Planet


When the British Empire was at its peak Darwin came with the message that everything was naturally selected and there is no God. This message is now part of all our lives like it or not.


However today we know as a fact that you can only have a human baby by blending the chromosomes of people and it is that blending that decides what type of baby you have. This blending is not naturally selected but a process of mathematics that can be either positive or negative. This is how we evolve or with inbreeding etc. we may devolve. Evolution is only another name for change and that change can be positive or negative.

Everything is the product of change both good and bad.


Everything can be reduced to mathematical formulas and God is the mathematician who created everything because chance is not capable of being intelligent and all these formulas are super intelligent.


Science is about understanding these mathematical formulas and not about religion or philosophy.


Darwin’s followers believe we don’t need any religion just science and everyone looking after themselves or the survival of the fittest. John Lennon put it in the song Imagine following Darwin. Well that’s what we all are doing and I think there has to be a better way.


A world built on love with human, animal, and vegetation rights much more than love your neighbour but Love your Planet. All science controlled by that simple idea, Love your Planet. This must be the single idea that unites all faiths, all science, all business, and all politics.


Love your Planet and understand the mathematics of the super intelligence that created everything.




Love your Planet above all Love your Planet.



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