Who said that?

 Who said that?         


He said we are all seeds that are scattered on the ground.

Some seeds fall by the wayside and they never will abound,

Some seeds fall without nourishment and quickly they will die

Some seeds fall amongst thorns that will choke them till they cry.


Some seeds fall upon good ground and fruitful they will be

All the nourished seeds will grow with their individuality

Every title is taken and recorded in the book of names

Our DNA revealing the history of our different claims,


All humans are the same species within the eyes of God,

We must love our neighbours even if a different path they trod,

We must look after planet earth and nourish it with love,

We must give to receive fruitful blessings from above,


He didn’t say that we are in his image made,

Or that we are created by design or built with a spade,

What he said long ago, is confirmed by science now,

Inspired he told the truth revealing Gods know how.

Who said that?


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