Crucifying our Planet

We are crucifying our planet have you got your thirty pieces of silver yet?

The good book claims that even humble sparrows have value to God but today they now  an endangered species along with most other creature’s all victims of mans greed for his thirty pieces of silver.

World War Four has begun. This is the right for all creatures to live in a reasonable world.

I would like to tell you a true story from the past regarding the Incas they bred a type of camel that was called an Alpaca and in the tombs is some of their cloth which is vastly superior to any cloth today. Scientists from all over the world are trying to match this cloth including genetic engineering with no success. The way the Incas did it was by understanding how to breed Alpacas to give perfect cloth. They understood the ecology of breeding better than any scientist today and they were probably illiterate. In fact you can say that we have devolved since those days. The Incas also bred the potato and the tomato what have we bred with all our genetic engineering  to compare?

There are many other instances where we have devolved; in music, art, poetry, and literature. The list is endless.

Let us take an example from today, our scientists have managed to recover a volcanic funnel and found it to contain valuable minerals. Living on these volcanic funnels are creatures which can be described as an alien life form. Many scientists are excited about finding these aliens and what are they planning to do? Mine the funnels which will destroy all these aliens it’s like a real life Avatar. They may be doing it right now. Certainly permits to exploit these volcanic funnels have been granted.


Other ships have been built to plough the sea beds for their minerals many of these are at sea right now killing who knows what?

Then the oil and gas companies are exploiting the seas.

Anyone remember the BP oil disaster?  Promises were made but none of them kept.

It is just the same on land we are releasing methane which will suffocate most life forms it will also set fire and is a greenhouse gas.

We are releasing radon trapped in the ground that is killing people in their thousands.

We are also creating cyanide which was Adolf Hitler’s exit from this world.

World War Four is taking place everywhere right now and we are all part of it.

The question is what are we going to do about it?

To do nothing is to eventually go extinct whilst grasping our thirty pieces of silver that we have been paid for crucifying our planet.


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