The Devils Fire

 The Devils Fire by Peter Baxter 
There’s more in fracked water than just H2O 
like toxic chemicals that make the fracking fluid flow 
With secret names like benzene and formaldehyde 
Fracking fluid kills everything washed by its tide. 
In USA  Radon Gas Kills 30,000 per year 
but Frackers celebrate and drink a beer 
They kill their own children when they frack 
but gets loads of money in their greedy sack.


A million fracking wells pump their secret loads

Radioactive tankers compete on our busy roads

Everything dies when kissed by its breathy sigh

Methane, Radon, and Hydrogen Cyanide.

The Hallibuton loophole sets the murderers free

Secretly concocted by Bush and Cheney

But what awaits them is the everlasting pyre

Made from Shale Gas and Brimstone, the devils gassy fire.



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