The GreedHouse Effect

Today a argument is taking place between scientists as to what killed off the Dinosaurs. The traditionalists claim it was an as a result of an asteroid strike in Mexico Other scientists have proved that this asteroid struck 300,000 years before the dinosaurs were wiped out?


What I find amusing is that this argument is about nothing well it is but please let me explain.


When the Dinosaurs’ ruled the earth they did so on Darwin’s Survival of the fittest theory so loved by scientists all over the world. However after the impact the environment changed and the Darwinian Theory went to war with the Baxter’s Theory of Adaption.

 I have claimed the theory because nobody else wanted it.

After the asteroid struck there would have been a period of cooling followed by a period of greenhouse warming caused by carbon dioxide release.

This is very similar to the sequence of events to the change of environment that has occurred today caused by if I can coin a word The Greedhouse Effect.

Idiotic scientists today still believing in the survival of the fittest think that we can change the environment without consequences most of these are in the pay of the oil companies. The GreedhouseEffect predates all your holy books when the earth was run by Mother Nature alone.

What was the straw that finally broke the dinosaurs back? It was the inability to adapt to their new environments plus other events that may have also altered the environment.

Today they call this the K-T boundary and this cause mass extinctions of all life.  

Some of the dinosaurs did adapt and became birds and they are now trying to adapt to the

changes in the environments of today caused by the Greedhouse Effect.

It took 300,000 years to finish the dinosaurs how long will it take to finish off humanity?


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