Baxter verses Darwin

Australia is an excellent example of adaptation verses survival of the fittest.
The introduction of animals without understanding the environmental consequences has led to disasters that we can all witness.
The following animals going feral have destroyed the habitats of this great continent, Rabbits, Cats, Goats, Horses, Pigs, Water Buffalo, and Rats.
Feral animals can carry the same common diseases as domestic animals. They are a constant source of infection for wildlife and livestock, which works against efforts to control costly diseases such as tuberculosis.
Feral animals are also potential carriers of other animal diseases (such as rabies and foot and mouth disease) and parasites (such as the screw worm fly).  
It would also be very difficult to control these diseases and parasites if feral animals carried them.
Australia is sat on a time bomb waiting for the explosion to happen.
Introducing animals into an alien environment and trusting to the survival of the fittest is idiotic and in my view criminal.
This is happening throughout the world but nowhere so obvious has Australia.
In the History of the Earth the Fittest go extinct because they are the least equipped to adapt.
Darwin was completely wrong and we must start thinking about adapting to our environments and forget about the survival of the fittest.
Darwin coined the phrase the tree of life,  biology teaches it is a tree of death with over 99% of life extinct and the last few branches in danger. Adaptation is the truth if we continue as we are doing it will be creatures that can adapt to our new environment that will evolve and that wont include humanity.
Adaptation is King or God.
Darwin’s path has led us to where we are now instead of lovingly adapting we are killing to prove we are the fittest.
The fittest for what?
This is Baxter’s  case against Darwin if you think you can argue against the truth try.

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