The Truth about Evolution


Al-Jahiz or Al- Jahidh 781 to 869  was a Black Muslim Scholar who wrote a book

On evolution called the book of the Animals he wrote.

 “Animals engage in a struggle for existence; for resources, to avoid being eaten and to breed. Environmental factors influence organisms to develop new characteristics to ensure survival, thus transforming into new species. Animals that survive to breed can pass on their successful characteristics to offspring.”

Every scholar on Biology knew off the Muslim School of Biology and many people have claimed that the Darwin Theory is just a rip off of his work but this is not true.

Darwin wrote that things evolved by natural selection and latter in his work used the phrase survival of the fittest.

If you look closely at Al-Jahiz claim he stresses environmental factors and Darwin does not.

What does Biology teach us today?

Over 99% of life is extinct no tree of life that Darwin called it just a tree of death.

Today just a few branches remain on that tree. Nothing is selected, no survival of the fittest. The ones who survive are the ones who can adapt best to new environments.

Today we are changing our environment and have no knowledge of what the consequence will be for man. We do know many other forms of life are going extinct has a consequence of these environmental changes.

Darwin in his latter book the descent of man proved he had no idea what species are and made claims based on colour that where idiotic unfortunately these claims are backed up by parts of the Bible and even today they are taught as being true.

No species are determined by colour and the white races will not dominate the world has Darwin claimed.

The facts show that Al-Jahiz a black man was right and Darwin a white man was wrong but this world is so racist no one can accept this truth. “The white man must be right.”  Darwin is what we teach children in schools throughout the world. Is there any wonder we have the world of hate. There is no selection not by God or Mother Nature or Anyone nothing is selected and nothing is the fittest.

The ones who can adapt best survive and it doesn’t matter what colour you are what religion you are and how much money you have or how fit you are. Our DNA as shown not only that we all came from Africa but that at points in our evolution we have been on the verge of extinction.

The only thing that saved the human race was a week jawed ape that had to leave to survive because it was the weakest not the strongest and these apes learned how to communicate and adapt to environments all over the world.

They are your ancestors if you don’t believe me try fighting a Chimp or Baboon and you will find who is the strongest and the fittest. 

We adapt by using our brains and if necessary running away.

He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day can be easily changed to he who adapts and runs away survives. Many believe God created the world including me and we have to accept the truth no matter how many Holy Books and people say other wise.

God’s Holy Books are written in your DNA learn to read and understand them.


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