What do you believe?

What is a Belief?

I think you can say it is what makes us all human beings. I know of no other creature that has a belief system. When we don’t understand something we resort to our belief system.

People tend to believe what their families believe this is true about science, politics, and religion,

it takes a Leader or Teacher to change what can be described as family beliefs.

Today advertising changes beliefs

Most important today are Celebrities who can change beliefs of families many negatively Osama Bin Laden changed the beliefs of many Muslims from family beliefs to terrorist beliefs.

Music celebrities change family members into drug addicts and alcoholics their fame and wealth proving unworthy masters.

Physical and Medical conditions also change beliefs.

Delusional Beliefs these are not real beliefs but fantasies and often grown in the minds of people who suppress their feelings. These people have no responsibility for their actions and their delusions should not be treated as beliefs.

This area is very difficult because many people have beliefs contrary to facts. Are they delusional or stupid?

I think we all need an ever fixed mark to anchor our beliefs on. For me it is my DNA because pathologists say that everyone is different and they can prove that.

The fact that everyone is different is a good place to start now we have to ask why?


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