Turkey shares our problems

When it comes to the perception of God, Turks identify with a God who is more like a father than a mother, but as a lover rather than a judge. The perception of God for Turks is closer to the tasavvuf, or Islamic Sufism, tradition in Anatolia. Turks are more inclined to identify with God as a friend rather than a sultan or a spouse, or as the master of the house.

I lived in Turkey for a while and one thing remains in my memory it was the Turkish market. The traders would set up their stalls and trade over days every evening they would leave their stalls and sleep in make shift tents. Anyone wanting products from the stall could help themselves and put money in a tin left on the stall.

Looking back I have to ask myself was that true did I have too much Raki but it was true? For those who don’t know Raki is rather alcoholic and sells well in Turkey which I think is forbidden by Islam.

It was a male dominated society with a strict order and the Police would beat the bottom of the feet of people who incurred their displeasure.

I understand this is rather painful.

It is a bit like a traditional attitude the west had when I was a child.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

Which has been replaced by “Let them do what they like.”

The problem in Turkey is a problem every country has. How do you maintain discipline in society?

We all have human rights that are largely ignored but with those rights come responsibilities.

I think that not only do we need a list of human rights in everyone’s passport but a list of every ones responsibilities too.

Turkey is a proud nation that needs a new code of ethics to meet the needs of today but so does everywhere else.

We don’t need more terrorism that’s a lose lose situation.


3 thoughts on “Turkey shares our problems

  1. I really love your interpretation of conceptions of God. One idea I wrap around my head is that God is an incomprehensible entity, and our religious texts use analogies and illustrations to describe God in a way that we can begin to understand.

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