The BBC started the Iraq War

The BBC documentary called the Iraq War is yet another BBC LIE.  I have read the reviews of this by journalists all too young to have firsthand experience and all the reviews are rubbish.

 Yhe missing link in the BBC account now showing worldwide on BBC IPlayer is the disregard of David Kelly.

 David Kelly was the top Weapons Inspector looking for WMD?

He held a Masters Degree and was regarded as a foremost expert on biological warfare.

BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan gave information to the security services citing an off the record interview with David Kelly. David Kelly has a truthful biography on Wikipedia and I would suggest you read it.

 My own involvement is whilst serving as a technician in the RAF I worked with a number of experts building anything I was asked too. I was on a flight with David Kelly who was lost in his own world the world of science.

However David Kelly’s report was the reason why we went to war with Iraq.

 His report was leaked by a BBC journalist called Andrew Gilligan and written by Tony Blaire’s press team.

It so offended David Kelly that he committed suicide, once he realised they had made him the fall guy for the Iraq War.    

However I will leave you with this fact that all evidence and photographs concerning David Kelly have a security gag on them for 70 years?

Who started the Iraq War the BBC and a clique of Political Journalists?

Not David Kelly who was an honest man doing an honest job.

Now written out of history by the BBC.

Is the real truth that the Iraq war was too good a story for the BBC to miss?

You can check out David Kelly on Wikipedia at the moment.


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