How to sell Professionally

Selling is the professional presentation of Goods or Services to best maximise the life cycle and profitability of your product.

Everything is a product and everything can be sold. The problem that most people have is doubt?

As a sales professional you are in the same position as a lawyer they defend people. You don’t just sell what you like you sell professionally here’s how.

Step One. Find the USF, unique selling feature every product has one what can your product offer better than other products. Every advertisement is pushing this often in what appear to be silly ways. Check out your competition and understand what they are doing and shape your own USF also called USP by some.

Step Two What is the Feature of the product this is slightly different to the USF
It tells the customer what your product features in a down to earth way.

Step Three What is the Advantage of your product often this will include a comparison chart.

Step Four How your product will benefit the customer.

Step Five Rehearse you need to make a professional presentation in a few minutes.

Many Buyers don’t have time for flannel they are busy people and they want your offer, some store buyers only allow five minutes per presentation.

Finally when you have done your job ask for a trial order every order is a trial order if it is rubbish they will refuse it regardless but you have done your job you have sold your product.

However no sale is complete until the customer is happy with your product and has paid for it.


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