Historical truth about Jesus

At the time of Jesus the Romans ruled most of the world and had strict rules they would abide by.One of the rules was you had to be a Citizen of Rome to be tried in a Roman court.

The Romans believed in a variety of Gods and normally after an Emperor died he was deified and everyone would worship them. This was known as the Imperial Cult.

Jesus and the other Jews believed in just one God and that was regarded as treason by the Roman State. It was reported that Jesus said “Give to Caesar what is Caesars and Give to God what is Gods.”

Such a statement was treason and death by crucifixion. No trial needed.

The Jews who they say wanted to kill Jesus but had to ask Rome’s permission had the right to stone Jesus to death for calling himself the Messiah no trial needed.

However one Christian was Roman and he was able to demand all the rights of a Citizen of Rome that was Saint Paul but that was after Jesus’ death.

The situation between the Romans and the Jews got so bad that thousands of Jews were crucified and the rest were scattered around the world.  This happened about fifty years after Jesus died but before the Bible was written and those Jews didn’t get any trials or any mention in any Bible.

The Romans realized that having one God offered many advantages especially if they could be in charge. So the position of Pope was taken by them.

It has allowed the Romans to rule most of the world and they still do today.

I think the story of the crucifixion may have been true but the trial never happened anything as big as this would have been written down by the Romans.

What really happened no one knows but a recent document found about Jesus refers to his wife. Many academics have verified the parchment. I believe this to be true because at his age he would have been forced to marry Jewish custom.

All we can say for certain is a man who preached Love thy Neighbour and turn the other cheek, changed the world.

Can you imagine anyone saying that today?

Somebody would crucify him.


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