How to Blog


 Blogs are becoming one of the best ways to communicate and it is a skill we all need to learn.

 Wordpress has free Blogs and it is a good place to learn.

 I have written many blogs for green peace and others and there is a simple technique I wish to give you.

Deciding what you want to blog is the first step

 What are the crucial details?

  What is the most important part?

 How are the pieces connected?

 Draft an outline or sketch before you blog?

 Your blog needs to include the basics. That’s who, what, where, when, why and how.

 It needs to be true, and it needs to be fair with supportive evidence.

 Why should people care about your blog is the style to write.

 Blogs should be told in words we all use and understand.  Read them out loud before you use them.

Emotion is a powerful connector. Use images, sound and words to express emotions

 I will give you the title of a Blog that I would like you to write it is an Original Headline

“Help for Hero’s is becoming Hell for Hero’s.”

 You need to research put “Help for Hero’s” and then “Hell for Hero’s “into a good search engine.

  I am using Bing because Google as lost its sense of direction. “Another possible Blog”

Try to start the blog with a Headline but be prepared to change it if your article demands a better one.

A Blog is a Good Headline backed up with emotional support.

Have the best headlines the best pull on the heartstrings and tell the truth.

Now you can begin blogging.




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