Time for Peace

As we all negotiated May with various acts of violence around the world we should remember the many who died in Iraq where our veterans had tried to bring peace.

 According to the United Nations they killed 1,045 and injured 2,397 so said Martin Kobler  and just in May 2013?

Apparently the Shiites were killing the Sunni and the Sunni the Shiites in between prayers.

The government of Iraq is not worried and said the country is not sliding into civil war?

Well according to my calculations they are already in a civil war.

The United Nations said they need a new peace plan?  What another one!

My plan is simple get them all to pray 24 hours a day and they won’t have time to blow each other up.

They could even try praying for peace what do they pray for a bigger bomb than the last one?

Most of the world is accusing Islam of being a religion of violence we even had a really nice Imam telling us that Islam is the religion of peace on the television then you read about these deaths in May.

Perhaps he should be telling the people of Iraq! Today killing serves no purpose deaths have just become a statistic and the only people it hurts is you.

I think it is time for everyone to swear an oath on whatever they hold sacred that they will stop killing and acts of violence because you cannot kill in Gods name.

He created every individual on earth and what right have you to destroy God’s work?


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