Truthful alternative to the Darwin theory. By Peter Baxter

          Truthful alternative to the Darwin theory.  By Peter Baxter

I have built a computer that allows me to watch inside cells in glorious 3D. This may be the only computer in the world that can do this and it has allowed me to understand the truth about life and evolution.

I have witnessed the the evil viruses attacking the good cells and getting entry into the nucleus of the cells and replacing the DNA of the live cells with their own deadly DNA and then infecting the other cells. I have witnessed the altruistic white blood cells save the day by destroying these evil viruses and the infected good cells.

DNA is Co-evolution between cells and viruses. I should point out that viruses are not strictly alive but only live by using the DNA in cells. So in reality dead viruses only exist because they feed on live cells.

This Co-evolution is the driving force of all evolution. In life without its existence no life could evolve. This rewrites all the books on evolution because people have believed that Co-evolution only played a small part in evolution whereas it is the major player. This can also be looked at as good, life, and bad, viruses, both needing each other to survive? However a certain amount of altruism is needed by both to survive this altruism is our white blood cells which help destroy the bad or evil viruses.

Co-evolving life without altruism will become extinct and over 99% of all life is extinct.

To summarize my thoughts Good, Evil and Altruism are the proven ingredients of all life and are the driving force behind all evolution.

Intelligence is learning to understand the importance of altruism and a key quality in becoming an intelligent human being.

This is what most religions express now, which is now supported by science. It is how we overcome evil that makes us better people. We must destroy evil with altruism.

I am a witness to this truth thanks to being able to see this happening in 3D myself.

God is Love and Altruism.

Remove Love and Altruism what have you left?

Darwin’s Theory  and this world


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