The Messiah Charles Darwin was Born Ameme

The Messiah Charles Darwin was Born   Ameme

The racist messiah was called Charles and they all worshipped at his feet,

His disciples were scientists and lived in their scholastic ivory retreats,

I’m no racist he would lovingly say but the Blacks are just monkeys and they’ve had their day,

They will all disappear when evolution rings the Bell, white men will inherit the earth, and the rest will go to Hell.


You are so wrong all the church leaders did stutter and claim, God said in his eyes we are all the same

Then chief disciple Richard Dawkins did suddenly declare, there is no God and believing in him gets you nowhere,

The almighty Meme bless his name will rule us now and believing in your Gods is just a sacred cow.

Professors and teachers all humbly bowed the knee, Charles, Richard, and Meme are now the Holy Three


So the Godless world did make a golden calf, called it Meme and worshipped their better half,

“And God looked down upon humanity and he sees our vanity, our insanity, and our human profanity.” 

{Bit of black rap there because God is Black}.

“I gave them a planet for all life to enjoy and care, and all humans do is heat, and poison the air,

I remember the flood and I said never again.”  “So I will leave it to Meme to decide their end.” 


Pete Bax


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