The United Nations helped to free Libya now let it build a great Libya.

The United Nations helped to free Libya now let it build a great Libya.


Libya can be a beacon of light for human rights for the rest of the world if it is built on altruism.


This was an Altruistic United Nations action, and this is an example of how working with the United Nations can achieve more than working alone.


It is now up to the United Nations to provide all the help Libya needs to build an altruistic great nation where everyone is free to worship God in their own way. Even atheists worship God because they believe that the Universe is “fine tuned” and today atheism is just another religion evolved by humanity.


Every atheist and every religious person can unite to worship God because the we all share the knowledge of Altruism and today this is a scientific fact.

It is the best definition of God,  for God is Altruism and the Devil is our selfish genes.

We can all unite by being Altruistic because Jesus, Mohammed, and Science, all teach altruism.

We are all evolving into altruistic beings and we all need governments that allow this to flourish.

Peter Baxter

31 Springate Road, Southwick, Brighton, BN42 4LF


PS The universe is fine tuned is a statement from NASA after photographing the universe and finding that the universe is mainly flattish impossible according to science.


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