How to solve our Worlds Economic woes.

         How to solve our Worlds Economic woes.



The problem with all our world economic problems was caused by the collapse of the housing market brought on by corrupt banks swindling their customers.

This can never be solved by governments pouring Taxes to prop up these Banks.


What we need is a stimulus to the worlds housing markets and I would do this in two ways.

First give tax incentives to builders and make land available from government land for redevelopment.


Secondly; we need mortgages which guarantee the buyer that in the event of a collapse in his house price, the difference will be paid upon sale of that property to the buyer. A new type of insurance protected mortgage also more availability of unemployment/sick protected mortgages.

These can be government protected like the Banks are government protected and I would make these mortgages freely available throughout all the banks and building society’s.


Any costs involved could be paid for by selling off all social housing and put everyone on social housing onto this scheme.


This scheme will within five years have the economies of the entire world growing again.

It will also bring confidence back to the financial markets immediately.


It is possible to build eco friendly houses for around 50,000.  if government land is freed up for this,  we can look forward to prosperity for everyone as property prices inflate.

Also with New eco friendly homes and societies we can insist that everyone who is on the scheme lives to agree behavioural standards. 

Obviously people who don’t want this can do their own thing.


Peter Baxter


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