Success, today I have been awarded the White Flag on my PC

Success, today I have been awarded the White Flag on my PC with a message “solve PC issues” Following being hacked by Microsoft I have taken steps to prevent them

Hacking any more of my information to sell to whom?


I would be delighted to tell other people how to do this but it would be easy to screw up your machine so my advice is if you don’t won’t Microsoft, or anyone else stealing

your information from your computer take it in to your local repair shop and get them to fix it. You can also get them to show you how to disable your computers microphones so others cannot use your machine to listen to private conversations.


Information is money and anyone can gather your information. Also much of the media is hacking computers so I doubt if this letter will ever get printed.


I could probably remove the white flag put on my machine by Microsoft but I will always wear it proudly because the white flag always means surrender.


Today it is important that you use your local expert to safe guard your life, because today everyone  gets their 15mins of fame whether you like it or not


What is worse than to become a nappy bound old slave?

 What is worse than to become a nappy bound old debt slave?



The increased life expectancy of citizens is causing a real problem for everyone in the world. Since I was born, it has risen from about 60 years to about 80 years. This is fantastic news for everyone. But, the public-sector workers are saying “hands off our pensions.”

These are not your pensions; they’re taxpayers’ pensions, because we pay for them.Yes, that’s right: We pay for your pensions, if you don’t like that, then get a private pension and leave the taxpayer alone.

There is no pot of gold for public sector pensions, just a pit of debt that taxpayers, many living below poverty level, are paying off with their indirect taxes. The bigger the pit of debt the more taxes we all pay.

All life ends in tragedy for the nappy awaits everyone in old age and the only real safe guard is the love of your off spring the love of the state is communistic foolery.

We must all consider the nine ages of humanity and provide for ourselves this is best done by getting rid of the pit of debt that we hang around the necks of everyone. One of the first presidents of USA said to the banks,

“We will never become debt slaves. For debt makes slaves of us all.”

What is worse than to become a nappy bound old debt slave?

Peter Baxter

All the world’s a stage, female version by Peter Baxter

       All the world’s a stage,                      by  Peter Shakespeare Baxter

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one woman in her time plays many parts,

Her acts being in nine ages. At first, the infant,

Mewling and puking in her nurse’s arms.

Then the young lady, with her satchel

And her lovely made up face, shining like a star,

Learning earnestly in school. And then the mother,

With the whole world in her hands, competing with in another world

Designed by man for man. Then a divorcee,

Full of strange oaths and looking for a new partner,

Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation

Even in the in-laws mouth. And then the fight,

With a fair round belly with good capon lined,

With massacred eyes and a surgeons formal cut,

Experienced and wise but competing with modern instances;

And so she plays her part. The sixth age shifts her

Into her lean and sexy pants that she keeps aloof,

Her spectacles on her nose and her handbag on her side;

Her youthful hose too young saved, for a world all too wise,

The seventh age is the very opposite of childishness when

She was so quick to learn and never did forget,

And now the eighth age rumbles on with her grand children

She will laugh and cry, unto the that time that she may die,

Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and in a nappy bound,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

And the truth lies


                                          And the truth lies  Peter Baxter

Today the truth lays hidden behind a million mirrors all showing  spectacles like Ancient Rome 

” Will you ever better 9/11.”  the audience cries?

And the truth lies.

Bush and Blair as Burke and Hare and can Valerie Plame relight Liberties Flame?

And still the truth lies.

The thirty pieces of silver of human rights

The thirty pieces of silver of human rights    Peter Baxter


The thirty pieces of silver of human rights paid for by the crucifixions of so many,

Belonging to you and belonging to me exclusions well there just aren’t any.

We have the right to live and the right to liberty,

We have the right to legality not subject to slavery,

We have the right to be Innocent and a represented trial

We have the right keep our name when others seeks to defame

We have the right to travel, without the shackles of possessions

We have the right to purchases without leasing or restrictions

We have the right to an education provided free for everyone,

We have the right to express our views and vote in our elections

We have a right to meet peaceably but respecting others dignities

We have the same rights you and me, throughout all humanities

We have the rights not to suffer, in illness, or inquest, or age,

We have the rights to our family and to provide a living wage,

We have the rights to our beliefs and our right to pray,

We share this right with everyone whatever they choose to say.

These thirty pieces of silver paid for, for you and me, offers everyone,

Real hope, life, and above all liberty.

Peter Shakespeare Baxter

No one can take these rights from you any one who does is a dictator

The rage of age by Peter Shakespeare Baxter

                The rage of age by Peter Shakespeare Baxter

    Shall I compare thee to a child at play?

        You are much more stupid and far less petite.

                                        And rumbling winds echo within your pants, I’d say,

           Smelling much worse, than any a dog would eat.

       Sometimes thy massacred eyes look into mine

        Through streaked, flashed hair that needs a cut,

No scarecrow has a mop like thine,

             The crows have flown, leaving  footprints in time.

The shadow of your grin it will not fade;

   Though an image of your youth, I always keep.

          O, how I would love to change you for someone new;

That would look like an angel, in her a sleep.

                                      Suddenly I hear a crash, but that’s….Dam

      That’s seven years bad luck, and I missed the cat.

Peter Baxter

For the dumb ……She’s looking in a mirror

Shakespeares Answer to the Euro Crisis by Peter Baxter

Shakespeare’s answer to the euro crisis by Peter Baxter

In Germany and France the best of rank and station
Are most select and generous, chief in that
neither a borrower nor a lender be;
for loans oft lose both itself and its friends
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou cannot then lend to anyone,
so farewell and my blessings upon you,

And beware the Greeks bearing gifts.