Do you have the Devil Inside

I must admit I have seen a great deal of the Devil in my life and as I look at the Polluted Earth so as everyone else. Poetry is a way to live with our demons  Worshipping good is wonderful but killing the Devil is better but you are left with bitter memories. Ask any veteran my experience was as soon as you kill one another will appear.



DNA is a Quantum Computer

IF I give you the best computer in the world and asked you to get it to write books on all life that has lived and Keep a record and its evolution’s Since time began for all life on earth. Impossible ? DNA does that and everything is unique. Yet this is contained in your fingers and bacteria? This is beyond belief. This is a computer of the Quantum Kind.

The DNA alphabet consists of four letters, or bases: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine (A, T, G and C). . RNA is a genetic material similar to DNA, except it has a different chemical backbone and replaces the base thymine with uracil (U).

Living things translate DNA into proteins through a series of steps. First, enzymes “transcribe” the DNA into RNA. Then, structures called ribosomes translate the RNA into proteins, which are made up of strands of molecules called amino acids.

Professor Floyd Romesberg and his team created a new pair of DNA letters not found in nature. Getting the DNA into the cells was not easy, but the researchers were able to do it by way of a transporter, a protein that moves materials across cell membranes. Researchers expanded the genetic alphabet from four letters, or bases, to six, vastly increasing the number of proteins that can be made.

Now that the scientists have demonstrated an organism can incorporate artificial DNA letters into its genome, the next step will be showing it can convert the DNA into new proteins, which can be used to produce better drugs. This will need care because we don’t need any dangerous new creations. It may be possible to create a quantum computer?



We are all Individuals

All Brains are the same colour just part of our DNA that contains all our individual history books

  Our senses  electronically feed our Brains. People always live in the past because of the time taken for our neurons to work for they have to balance our bodies perfectly. Our conscious brain is captain and navigator and decides what we should do. Our DNA grew us into individuals and teaches us how to understand. A hundred billion neurons singing their individualistic songs all in perfect harmony orchestrated  by our  memories. 

Mothers have babies that by the age of two have planted all their neuron seeds and they will mature into all the things that we will ever do. These two years are our growing time and they need a parents love and care to achieve their best so that our next generations can grow the ideas that we need to survive in our world.

 Today with our new technology we can expand our senses too, enhancing all our capabilities and where you go from here is really up to you but look  for peace and happiness. Children are our future not sex or amusement toys and need love and care to grow. The better their care the better the future too for everything on our polluted planet.

Quantum Physics is saying that people can be contacted instantly over the universe We need to learn how to become receptors of messages from where ever. We carry history books in our genes too small to be seen without a microscope these are more accurate than any religious text which is just guesswork.  The world was created we have microwave pictures and it shows we still are being created.

Jerusalem Is a Holy City

United Nations Security Council Resolution 478, adopted on 20 August 1980, is one of seven UNSC resolutions condemning Israel‘s attempted annexation of East Jerusalem. In particular, UNSC res 478 notes Israel’s non-compliance with UNSC res 476[1] and condemned Israel’s 1980 Jerusalem Law which declared Jerusalem to be Israel‘s “complete and united” capital, as a violation of international law. The resolution states that the Council will not recognize this law, and calls on member states to accept the decision of the council. This resolution also calls upon member states to withdraw their diplomatic missions from the city.

The resolution was passed with 14 votes to none against, with the United States abstaining.The capital of Israel is Tel Aviv

Jerusalem is a Holy City to many religions

Peter Baxter Human Rights Adviser United Nations

Plastic Hell

Plastic cladding came showering down and the flames of hell spread all around The devil’s message echoed in the halls and ways, no escape for renting tenants Kensington is the land of millionaires a space that renting tenants share so they tarted up their  tower block with no escape for council tenants


 Stay in your flats the council did demand then cremated them to an unknown land .The firemen tried to get inside but they cried, no escape for renting tenants People protested at what was done the police even led them on It’s not our fault the councillors cried that eighty renting tenants died 


The United Nations have banned the sale of plastic that can drown a whale. But Plastic sheets insulate our homes filled with the burning Plastic foam tell a different tale.The fire safety certificates where removed and manufacturers told a deliberate lie. The Politicians who are guilty have said goodbye whilst their voters burn and die.

Theoretically speaking, this isn’t a theory

A Belgian priest named Georges Lemaître first suggested the big bang theory in the 1920s when he theorised that the universe began from a single primordial atom (a readily available concept found in the Zohar and other Kabbalah inspired texts).330px-CMB_Timeline75

Lemaitre said it was a cosmic egg and if you look sideways it is egg shaped before space time started space was filled with hydrogen and it turned itself into deuterium no big bang just silence and dark you can work out how.