Following the Devil

The devil’s disciple was called Charles Darwin and they all worshipped at his feet,

His followers called themselves scientists and lived in university retreats,

I’m no racist he would scientifically say but the Blacks are just monkeys and they’ve had their day.

They will all disappear when evolution rings the Bell, white men will inherit the earth, and the rest can go to Hell.

You are so wrong all the  leaders did stutter and claim, God said in his eyes we are all the same

Then chief disciple Richard Dawkins did suddenly declare, there is no God and believing in him is getting nowhere,

The almighty meme bless his name will rule us now and believing in your Gods is just a sacred cow.

Professors and teachers all humbly bowed the knee; Charles, Richard, and Meme are now the Holy Three


So the Godless world did make a golden calf, called it Meme and worshipped their eugenic creed,

And God looked upon humanity with all our vanity, our insanity, and our human profanity.

“I gave them a planet for all life to love and care, and all humans do is to pollute everywhere

I remember the flood and I said never again.” 

 So I leave it to the industrialists to provide their end




Let us walk the creators line

Give us peace in our time let us walk your line
 Give us peace in our time  pollution is our land mine
 While I have a life to live
 Let me positively  give
 Give us peace in our time let me walk your line
Who holds the money, who holds the need
Who holds the strings of misery or the purse of greed
And the gunmen reap while the cocaine they sow
And law is cheap where the smugglers go

In sun-kissed rooms in city slums
Minds are restless till the email comes
From the forest floor to the western mind
Like a chat show topic on a party line
And the hardest love of all is to forgive
As the world comes tumbling down

Let all the rain come down on blind desire
Like a thundercloud that holds a prairie fire
I hear the blame and I see the cause
A stronger voice and a stronger law
But buyers buy and sellers sell
Public consumption of a private hell

The seas are filled with plastic bottles

Pepsi Coke and many others choke the oceans dead

Like the Romans they drive us mad with modern lead

Oily rivers fill the land looking for a grain of sand

The bombs of war explode everywhere and nobody really seems to care
is this world you want to share polluted you polluted me

Let us walk the creators line



Gaylord Nelsons Dream

Senator Gaylord Nelson invented earth day just a day but we need a year or more to bring to life his earthly dream take the plastic gyres from the seas before they have us on our knees. Use the roads for cycles forget about the killer cars use the trains for transporting goods and services. We need no gasoline we have the wind and sun to make our journeys fun. Insulate your home let the fresh air in; warmed by the earth is where to begin. A balanced planet perfectly clean is everybody’s childhood dream until industry has its say and takes it all away. Time is now to make this dream come true by loving the planet and it will love you.


Pope bans Smoking

Smoke Smoke Smoke that cigarette
But if me and a certain character met
The guy that invented the cigarette
I’d arrest that son-of-a-gun for poisoning me

Nicotine slaves are all the same
At a petting’ party or a poker game
Everything’s gotta stop while 

They fill their smoke till you choke

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Puff, puff, puff and if you smoke yourself to death
Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
You will have a cigarette and he will have to wait

The other night I had me a date
With the cutest little person in all the States
They took out their cigarette until their breath

Became the kiss that I would forever reject


Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Puff, puff, puff and smoke yourself to death

Your body is a temple that you should respect

A poisoned chimney from cancer you will give and get.

By Petershakespearebaxter

Baxter verses Darwin

Getting worse


Australia is an excellent example of adaptation verses survival of the fittest.
The introduction of animals without understanding the environmental consequences has led to disasters that we can all witness.
The following animals going feral have destroyed the habitats of this great continent, Rabbits, Cats, Goats, Horses, Pigs, Water Buffalo, and Rats.
Feral animals can carry the same common diseases as domestic animals. They are a constant source of infection for wildlife and livestock, which works against efforts to control costly diseases such as tuberculosis.
Feral animals are also potential carriers of other animal diseases (such as rabies and foot and mouth disease) and parasites (such as the screw worm fly).  
It would also be very difficult to control these diseases and parasites if feral animals carried them.
Australia is sat on a time bomb waiting for the explosion to happen.

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Guy Fawkes Night


   Remember, remember 
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I see many reasons 
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should forever be forgot!
    A thousand people are injured 
    five hundred children too,
    Every year attend the hospitals
    Their injuries treated caused by you
    This is more than are injured
    In today’s Muslim terrorist plots
    And The wild animals also pay a price 
    When your lighting fires  they rot  

    Celebrating killing others  is really wrong Time for Guy Fawkes to be Gone




How to make money from Poetry

When I served with the RAF Dear Johns where common the Education Officer asked me to write a poem based on a biography and people paid me if the poem fulfilled its purpose. My mates nicked named me Shakespeare because I used him for my inspiration. Still do he is the best.  That’s  why My name is PetershakespeareBaxter this week I was asked to represent a festival but I am disabled and only  use my laptop.

Many places have poets in residence.Angel Tree

Many poems are used like my Angel Tree