Prayer for the United Nations

Our Creator who is in our DNA hallowed be your name,

Your will be done everywhere in the universe

Let us be fruitful and multiply to the benefit of everyone

Let us fill the world with love and peace,

Sharing the rights of the United Nations with everyone

We will not pollute the earth respecting all life forms



Mirror Mirror on the wall

                The rage of age by Peter Shakespeare Baxter

    Shall I compare thee to a child at play?

        You are much more stupid and far less petite.

                                        And rumbling winds echo within your pants, I’d say,

           Smelling much worse, than anything a dog would eat.

       Sometimes thy massacred eyes look into mine

        Through streaked, flashed hair that needs a cut,

No scarecrow has a mop like thine,

             The crows have flown, leaving  footprints in time.

The shadow of your grin it will not fade;

   Though an image of your youth, I always keep.

          O, how I would love to change you for someone new;

That would look like an angel, in her a sleep.

                                      Suddenly I hear a crash, but that’s….Dam

      That’s seven years bad luck, and I missed the cat.

Peter Baxter

 ……She’s looking in a mirror

Love your Planet

Love your Planet


When the British Empire was at its peak Darwin came with the message that everything was naturally selected and there is no God. This message is now part of all our lives like it or not.


However today we know as a fact that you can only have a human baby by blending the chromosomes of people and it is that blending that decides what type of baby you have. This blending is not naturally selected but a process of mathematics that can be either positive or negative. This is how we evolve or with inbreeding etc. we may devolve. Evolution is only another name for change and that change can be positive or negative.

Everything is the product of change both good and bad.


Everything can be reduced to mathematical formulas and God is the mathematician who created everything because chance is not capable of being intelligent and all these formulas are super intelligent.


Science is about understanding these mathematical formulas and not about religion or philosophy.


Darwin’s followers believe we don’t need any religion just science and everyone looking after themselves or the survival of the fittest. John Lennon put it in the song Imagine following Darwin. Well that’s what we all are doing and I think there has to be a better way.


A world built on love with human, animal, and vegetation rights much more than love your neighbour but Love your Planet. All science controlled by that simple idea, Love your Planet. This must be the single idea that unites all faiths, all science, all business, and all politics.


Love your Planet and understand the mathematics of the super intelligence that created everything.




Love your Planet above all Love your Planet.

 big bang universe 

No Win No Fee Solicitor for Pollution

Plants that created gas for cars or gas for heating are required to warn people who live in and around these refineries.

Posted notices are there to help prevent people from moving too close to the refineries however, sometimes gas fumes do carry on the wind, they can find themselves in a populated area and the inhalation of these fumes is dangerous.

Fumes from gasoline can cause brain malfunction, seizures and heart attacks depending on how long the person was exposed to the fumes. A personal Environmental claim can also be put into action as gasoline fumes are very dangerous.

Solicitors who offer the no win, no fee representation are the ones who will fight for your cause. They are hardworking and interested in making the environment better for everyone.

Companies and governments, who think they are above the law,  need reminders who is in charge of their manufacturing processes and why they are allowed to only create so much pollution.

Remember as a homeowner or tenant you have many choices in today’s world. You are able to put in claims for any of the above issues which may occur at any time around your home. If you are tired of the dust, loud noises and are worried about the effects of either of them on your person, its best to reach out to a solicitor who offers the no win, no fee.

The nice factor about these solicitors is they are honest and up front with you about your claim, they will walk through every aspect of the final information before submitting the claim.  

All underground rivers as created by Fracking can become caves and sink holes and you can sue the Frackers and the government for any subsidence to your property.

The United Nations advises that you consult your environmental solicitors, No win no fee solicitors are part of your human rights.

Many environmental solicitors will take on industrial claims that cause pollution,    I wish Greenpeace and others would act on peoples behalf’s and finance claims. 

Our Cosmic Plan

When a star’s core runs out of hydrogen, the star begins to die. The dying star expands into a red giant, and this now begins to manufacture carbon atoms by fusing helium atoms.


Massive stars begin a further series of nuclear burning or reaction stages. The elements formed in these stages range from oxygen through to iron.


During a supernova, the star releases very large amounts of energy as well as neutrons, which allows elements heavier than iron, such as uranium and gold, to be produced.


In the supernova explosion, all of these elements are expelled out into space.

Our world is literally made up of elements formed within the cores of stars now dead.


As Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees said, “We are literally the ashes of long dead stars.”

NASA claims that these supernova can stimulate DNA and so the evolution the our planet of the apes evolved into humans.


Who wrote the plan?

 Creating dark matter and dark energy to help everybody?


MRS Thatcher said we only have a repair lease on Planet Earth now it is beyond repair!

MRS Thatcher said we only have a repair lease on Planet Earth now it is beyond repair!


There’s more in fracked water than just H2O

Like toxic chemicals that make the fracking fluid flow

with secret names like benzene and formaldehyde

Fracking fluid kills everything washed by its tide.

Radon Gas Kills 30,000 per year

Frackers celebrate and drink a beer

They kill their own children when they frack

but gets loads of money in their gassy sack

Then the uranium that naturally occurs

With its Radon daughters has the last word

It deforms the DNA of all that’s around

And it’s spread by the greedy into the ground

These poisonous gases are underground

Coal miners were slaughtered when they were around

No cure exists for their wasting disease

It will kill everything with consummate ease

They plan to pour radioactive fuel down

Saying it’s safe for it to be in the ground

They have stolen your rights under your home

Turning you into just a garden gnome

We don’t need this fuel it’s expensive too

We have clean energy that we can renew

The earth left alone is perfectly clean

They have turned it into the devil’s dream.

Growing An Angel Tree

Growing an Angel Tree by Peter Baxter


Grow the tree in the good earth they said, is all you need to do,

But it takes much more than that to make an Angels tree come true

By watering every day, you can make the Angel tree grow.

But pure unpolluted water, fresh laid as arctic snow


Then it needs fertilizing with undiluted truth, got to feed the roots

Stopping the pests from infecting all the delicate angel shoots,

It also needs protecting from the wind and rain

Or your precious tree will never develop the Angels brain,


Trimming off the dead and dying leaves in the early spring

Warming it with the sun if fresh fruit it’s going to bring

It must breathe the fresh air and it needs its CO2

For its breathing out its oxygen is just for me and you


Growing an angel tree takes more than just fresh ground,

It needs love and care and to always be around,

When you have succeeded in growing your Angel tree,

The fruit of its love you can share with the likes of you and me.